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Before and after


Beforand after side view.

My favorite “after” pics from today!


Fashion Uncorked 2013

Fashion Uncorked was amazing this year! Be sad if you missed it!  I am so excited to have done makeup (and a few hairs too) for the winning designer Keon Brown. I also had the pleasure of working with designer, Tania Zavala. Here are few pics of my work from the evening. Check out the gallery page for more pics! My camera was dying towards the end so I apologize for the blurriness.

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Feels like it has not begun yet, right? Although I’m still tying up last year’s loose ends, I have big plans for this year! Here’s the dish…

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care or just N4 for short is my new “crave it”. I crashed into love at first sniff with N4 last fall when I booked a gig doing makeup for these guys for a hair show. Then, they sent me home with samples – all part of their ploy in my opinion. The things it did to my hair – it’s probably inappropriate to describe in detailed adjectives how amazing it was.  So, when I was offered an opportunity  to join the team as an Agent, I could not turn it down!

February, is almost spring time in Atlanta and what better way to think spring than fashion? Fashion Uncorked is a live fashion design competition that benefits Easter Seals.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to donate my craft and artistry once again to such a great cause! Check out the details of 2 designers I’m doing makeup for this year Tania Zavala and Keon Brown. I think they both have a pretty good shot of winning!

That’s all for now. Fear not, there is much more to come.


Springing Forward

Spring is officially in the air here in Atlanta, as is the pollen! Lots of great things have been happening. I recently posted that in February I accepted a position as an educator with the product line Kevin Murphy! In March I got to be an artist for my first hair show and have been asked to do another this fall! The hair shows are kind of like conventions where product lines show off their latest and greatest to those in the industry.    My next round of training is at the end of this month! If you don’t know about Kevin Murphy yet click the link or even better, just call me. You do not want to be the last to know! 🙂

I am planning to do quite a few photo shoots this spring and summer. Please let me know if you would be interested in modeling. I need guys too!


Exciting Indeed!

I have news, exciting news as you may have guessed! I am officially an educator for KEVIN.MURPHY! KEVIN.MURPHY is an ecologically friendly, luxury, fashion-focused line that is committed to healthy, beautiful hair. The products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulfate and paraben free.  I’m elated to be a part the best product line available!

Fried, dyed, dried and landed on it’s side?

Ah, winter has been upon us for a while now and our hair is feeling it. This cold weather dries out our skin and hair. Moisturizing conditioning treatments are a must this time of year! I’m currently obsessed with KEVIN.MURPHY Born Again. It is a unique product that contains ingredients that are so small in their molecular size and weight; they can pass into the cortex of the hair instantly. It’s packed with essential oils and antioxidants. They stop the further onslaught of damage and bring a balance to the hair and scalp. Think of it as a nice cool drink on Hotlanta day just for your hair!

Every e-hair in it’s e-place.

It has been a crazy few days to say the least! I am all over the internet now. Aside from this website I have, Twitter (follow me!),  Facebook, LinkedIn, CitySearch (They tell me it will appear very soon.), I’m sure I am forgetting one or more. Also, somewhere in there I have been doing hair too. I am really excited to be at Liberty Hair Studio and have had an awesome first couple weeks!  Soon, I will be posting pictures of the inside of the salon.  It’s such an amazing space; I hope my point and shoot can do it justice. I will also be posting some new promotions as well. I hate to say it but I am slowly getting into and maybe even liking all this e-stuff. I can now proudly stand and say, “I know what a widget is!”.