Fashion Uncorked 2013

Fashion Uncorked was amazing this year! Be sad if you missed it!  I am so excited to have done makeup (and a few hairs too) for the winning designer Keon Brown. I also had the pleasure of working with designer, Tania Zavala. Here are few pics of my work from the evening. Check out the gallery page for more pics! My camera was dying towards the end so I apologize for the blurriness.

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Every e-hair in it’s e-place.

It has been a crazy few days to say the least! I am all over the internet now. Aside from this website I have, Twitter (follow me!),  Facebook, LinkedIn, CitySearch (They tell me it will appear very soon.), I’m sure I am forgetting one or more. Also, somewhere in there I have been doing hair too. I am really excited to be at Liberty Hair Studio and have had an awesome first couple weeks!  Soon, I will be posting pictures of the inside of the salon.  It’s such an amazing space; I hope my point and shoot can do it justice. I will also be posting some new promotions as well. I hate to say it but I am slowly getting into and maybe even liking all this e-stuff. I can now proudly stand and say, “I know what a widget is!”.