Fried, dyed, dried and landed on it’s side?

Ah, winter has been upon us for a while now and our hair is feeling it. This cold weather dries out our skin and hair. Moisturizing conditioning treatments are a must this time of year! I’m currently obsessed with KEVIN.MURPHY Born Again. It is a unique product that contains ingredients that are so small in their molecular size and weight; they can pass into the cortex of the hair instantly. It’s packed with essential oils and antioxidants. They stop the further onslaught of damage and bring a balance to the hair and scalp. Think of it as a nice cool drink on Hotlanta day just for your hair!


Every e-hair in it’s e-place.

It has been a crazy few days to say the least! I am all over the internet now. Aside from this website I have, Twitter (follow me!),  Facebook, LinkedIn, CitySearch (They tell me it will appear very soon.), I’m sure I am forgetting one or more. Also, somewhere in there I have been doing hair too. I am really excited to be at Liberty Hair Studio and have had an awesome first couple weeks!  Soon, I will be posting pictures of the inside of the salon.  It’s such an amazing space; I hope my point and shoot can do it justice. I will also be posting some new promotions as well. I hate to say it but I am slowly getting into and maybe even liking all this e-stuff. I can now proudly stand and say, “I know what a widget is!”.

Up and…running??

Well, not exactly! It’s really more of an “up and working on it” situation.  However, congratulations if you have landed your self on my website/blog! Hold on tight though, I have no clue how to steer this thing!  What I do know is that in the end this site will serve many purposes including but not limited to promoting my self and other local artists of all kinds, hair, beauty and fashion information and online appointment booking.  Just to name a few!  So, check back with me often family, friends and cyber-wondering vagabonds!